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  Hi, I am Walter Munoz, the artist behind One Heart.

My life began in a small hamlet on the banks of the river Los Patos (named for the ducks that fill its waters) in Guatemala. Growing up surrounded by the natural and historic wonders of Guatemala – its jungles, lakes, mountains and ancient Maya ruins - was a wonderful environment for the beginning of an artist’s life. I still draw inspiration from this landscape when I create my jewellery.

My jewellery is made in the artisania tradition. Artisania is a collective art - the designs are not representative of any one country or culture, but rather embody influences that travelling artisanos pass amongst each other and the changing surroundings they experience as they travel and work.

I have been working professionally as an artisano jewellery artist for ten years. My love for travel and experiencing new cultures makes creating jewellery in the artisania tradition my perfect form of expression – creating my jewellery does not require any specialist tools or equipment beyond my own creativity and a pair of scissors, which can travel with me wherever I go.

Along with travel, my love for surfing is also a big inspiration in my work. Many pieces reflect a bohemian surf style that is rooted in my passion for the ocean as a competitive surfer. Natural elements found in and near the ocean and lakes where I surf often find themselves in my work.

I create my jewellery in my studio in downtown Toronto, Canada, and sell my work from my shop in Kensington market, along with other locations worldwide. I love to travel throughout the province in the summer months and can be found at many art festivals throughout Ontario – stop by my shop or table and say hi!
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